06 25 2014.

caffeine & mornings


As a kid during the summer, I remember waking up almost immediately after my parents exited the pop-up camper. I would listen to my dad boil some water on his Coleman stove right outside the window, the sound of the bubbling water in the blue and white spotted Enamelware. Shortly after, I could hear the whisk scratch against a bowl and stir the pancake mix around and around and around.

After the heat of the day became too much to bear under the canvas ceiling, I’d emerge from the camper and walk the short distance over the fire where, without exception, every member of my family sat staring at the flames with a cup of coffee.

Coffee. I don’t know why I started drinking it regularly. Perhaps it’s because I love the taste. Maybe it’s the comfort of having a warm beverage in the morning or the safety of a constant variable in my ever-changing day-to-day schedule. Perhaps it’s for the nostalgia – knowing that now, as an adult, I would belong to the morning campfire coffee crew.

Either way, I know that I don’t need it – and lately, I don’t want it. Yet I’m still drinking it. I’m still preparing the grounds each night for the next morning. I’m still hitting the “brew” button, and I’m still leaving for work with my travel mug in tow – filled to the brim with the delicious caffeinated drink.

Though I can go days without coffee and feel no adverse effects (YET!), I feel like my body is a ticking time bomb. Why am I still drinking it? It’s only going to stain my teeth and get me addicted.

I’m well aware that a glass or two of water in the morning can have the same effect as a cup of coffee. So why am I still drinking coffee? Water is FREE!

So I’m going to challenge myself. Honestly, I feel like it’s more of a test of willpower than a test of bodily needs. So here’s to 30 days without coffee.

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