06 24 2014.

forgetting the swim


I grew up swimming. In pools. In the ocean. In lakes.

I never had the technique or the training, I just jumped in and “did it.” Despite my history in the water, I was (am) nervous about the swimming leg of the triathlon. 1/3 of a mile seemed like such a long distance to swim – especially when you’re practicing in a pool and you have to count X number of lengths.

Regardless, swimming with a group of over 30 women for the sole purpose of training and advancing – isn’t exactly a walk in the park. I can be competitive – even when I’m not trying to be – so sometimes these events are stressful as I feel the need to “win.”

After months of pool laps and a few weeks of open water swimming, I finally experienced something last night that I was never expecting to experience. I forgot that I was swimming. It didn’t happen right away – but after swimming roughly a mile, I noticed that I wasn’t concentrating on swimming. Instead, I was thinking about my day, about what fun events I had planned in the future, about the hike I had done the day before. That’s the first time – ever – where I wasn’t actively thinking about the fact that I was swimming.

It was probably one of the most calming, comfortable experiences I’ve ever had in the water.

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