10 24 2014.

a typical training week


First I want to say that I’m overwhelmed by the amount of positive blog feedback I’ve received from family members and friends. I was nervous to share it because I’ve written a lot of personal things on here that I never intended to share with those that I know anyways. I liked the anonymity that this blog provided me. I liked that I could write for myself, with no audience in mind. That being said, I’m glad that my mom urged me to share it. I shouldn’t be ashamed or nervous about anything that I write here. If people enjoy reading it – that’s wonderful! I’m glad that I could provide that entertainment.

I’m psyched! A few days ago, I received my first email from a reader of this blog and today, I get to answer it! The question was, to recap, what does a typical training week look like for me?

Well – I don’t know if I can say that I train so much as just run for fun. I’m about to run my first official half marathon in a week and I wasn’t necessarily nervous until I realized that…I haven’t trained!

Okay that’s not exactly true. I have trained, I just haven’t been using a training plan. I’ve just been running by feel. I feel like running 5 miles today. I feel like taking a rest day. I feel like running 11 miles! While I think that this method of training is great for keeping me motivated, I totally recognize that it doesn’t work for improving speed or distance necessarily. For those who don’t have a big race coming up, I encourage this kind of running, even if for just a short while.

I know it helps to see numbers, so I’m going to try to articulate as best as I can what my “training” looks like.

Sunday: (8-12 miles) Sunday is my “long run” day. This number can vary drastically from week to week. Last week I did 11, the week before I did 10. Most weeks I do less.

Monday: (4-6 miles) I almost always feel inspired to run on a Monday. It’s the beginning of the work week, I’m feeling refreshed and re-energized from the weekend.

Tuesday: (3-5 miles) I like to sustain Monday’s momentum by running on Tuesday as well. I don’t usually go as far on Tuesday and treat this run as a “recover” run from Sunday and Monday’s distances.

Wednesday: (core work) I try to fit a core day in. I don’t have a gym membership (yet) but I do have a yoga mat and youtube. I try to do at least 30 minutes of pilates mixed with some spinning.

Thursday: (rest day) My rest day varies throughout the week. I don’t usually like to take more than one rest day, but some weeks are busier than others! Thursdays are usually my rest day, but I often find Wednesdays or Saturdays great for resting if I don’t rest on Thursday.

Friday: (6-8 miles) Friday is the best day to run, especially if I don’t have plans! I love getting out of work on a Friday and just running until I’m ready to be done. I’m okay with eating a bit later on Friday nights too, so I allow my runs to take up more time. I don’t practice speed work, but I do slow down for Friday runs.

Saturday: (3-5 miles) Saturday is another recovery run day. I don’t run as far in anticipation for my Sunday run.

This past week, for instance went as such:
Sunday 10/19 – 11.2 miles
Monday 10/20 – 4.32 miles
Tuesday 10/21 – core workout
Wednesday 10/22 – rest
Thursday 10/23 – 4.46 miles
Friday 10/24 – 3.73 miles
Saturday 10/25 – 6.6 miles


I strongly believe in switching things up. I don’t like to get too comfortable with routines like this so I allow for some flexibility and don’t get too worked up if I miss a run or have to move them around. During the summer, I’d even split my runs in half and do a 5:30am run paired with a 5:30pm run!

I hope this is helpful and sheds some insight on my “training.” Please remember that I’m not a certified running coach (or certified in anything, actually) which means that this plan is not guaranteed to improve your running.

Thank you for being curious enough about me to ask me a question! I loved having the opportunity to answer it. If anyone has any questions at all, feel free to comment or send me some mail!

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