Training: for two half marathons! You read that right, I signed up for a second! My mom and I will be running Nov 1 at Shawnee Peak in the Moose Pond Half and we’ll be doing the Santa Hustle Half on Nov 23. Two half-marathons in three weeks! I’m honestly not that nervous. I think we’ve got this and I’m really excited because now 2014 will bring not only my first official half, but my second as well! I’m planning on signing up for a third in early 2015 to run by myself so that I can get a sense of what my true time is.

Reading: Going Somewhere by Brian Benson. After finishing Mindy Kaling’s book, I was itching to get back into my adventure memoirs. Though I’m only 70-some-odd-pages in, I’m hooked. This book retells the author’s bike journey across the midwestern US states. It’s beautifully written and has definitely helped to keep my wanderlust flame alive.

Mourning: Longer days! Anyone else having sunset anxieties? I feel like I’m racing the sunset now after work – as though I have to cram in everything that I need to do before 6pm. I know that this feeling will fade once the sun sets before I even leave work (boo) but for now, I’m panicking! You can bet I just purchased some headlamps, blinking lights and a reflective vest so that I can continue to run in the dark hours of fall.


Eating: I’m back to eating (drinking?) my breakfast smoothies and I couldn’t be more excited! I had to give them up for a bit because smoothie ingredients (fruit, greek yogurt, spinach) are kind of expensive! I’ve revamped my usual recipe of bananas and strawberries – now I’m putting in frozen mangoes, peaches, grapes and flax meal. YES it’s delicious. YES I look forward to breakfast.

Recovering: During my 10-mile training run on Saturday, I somehow managed to injure my big toe. Not in the “jammed up against the front of my shoe” kind of way. It feels like I ran the whole distance while flexing up upward. You know how when you lay on your side, propped up on an elbow, that shoulder gets really sore and you don’t realize it until you move? That’s how my big toe feels! I’ve been icing it and massaging it and it’s slowly been getting better. I’ve been kind of bad and I know that I should take a break, especially if this is a true injury, not just a fluke. Instead, I’ve been trail running, cycling, wearing boots and just spending a lot of time on my feet! We’ll see where this goes.

Swooning: I had Monday off for Columbus day so I met up with my mom and two of her running pals for a trail run at Pineland Farms. I’m in love. There are miles and miles of trails in the wooded area behind this beautiful and quiet farm. The trails are well-maintained and exciting – with lots of turns, hills, and scenic areas. (Bonus: these trails are used for cross-country skiing in the winter!) I also loved the market. It’s huuuuuge and has a total local feel to it. We split a few sandwiches from the deli, sampled some cheese and gushed over the handmade gifts. I’m already excited to go back – whenever that may be.

To end our Camden trip right, Darren and I decided to hike Mt. Megunticook on Sunday. Saturday was a foggy washout, so we figured that waiting would have its rewards.


Another great weekend has come and gone. Let me tell you, this has been the best summer of adventures! So here’s how my weekend in Camden, Rockport and Rockland went.

Friday evening we arrived at our hotel – the Island View Inn (Rockport) – around 6:30. (Having commuted to work from Topsham to Camden a few times a week when I worked at Outward Bound, I can attest to the beauty of coastal Maine Rt. 1 and encourage anyone who hasn’t driven up the coast recently to do it!) We quickly checked into our room, moved our bags in and took a look around. The room was cute! It was nautical themed so there were anchors and starfish everywhere! The best part? It overlooked the ocean! We were situated right in Glen Cove.


to camden

10 03 2014.


I’m off to Camden for the weekend! Camden is, for those who don’t know, one of my favorite places. Up until a year ago, it probably was my favorite place. (My first trip to North Conway/the White Mountains back in October of last year changed that!)

I’m ecstatic! We’re going to hike Mt. Megunticook via the Maiden Cliff Trail. We’ve got reservations at Primo – finally! I’m going to show Darren my favorite gallery and coffee shop and where my office was when I worked for Outward Bound. And I’m going to wear my new dress!

I’ll be bringing my camera and will document everything. Prepare for a few posts and hiking reports next week!