11 27 2014.

on gratitude – and some news


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Last night we got our first snowmageddon of the year. My spin class for the evening had been canceled and my travel plans have been thwarted. Also, my hiking plans have to take a “snow check” as well. (The plan was to do a sunrise hike on Mt. Pierce or Lafayette in the White Mountains this morning.)

That being said, it’s so easy to feel upset and complain about these elements that are out of my control. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I’d like to instead focus my attention on the good. On what I’m thankful for. Don’t worry family members, these are a little bit different from the ones that I wrote down in my Turkey Ticket, so you won’t see too many repeats!

I’m most especially thankful for:

  • My health. I feel like this one has to come first this year, since it’s something that I’ve most definitely taken for granted in the past. In the past 2-3 years, I’ve kissed my high blood pressure goodbye, lost almost 15 pounds and have gained a healthier opinion of myself. I love who I am. I love who I am becoming. I’m fully and completely comfortable with myself as an athlete, a friend, a significant other, a daughter and a sister.
  • My family + friends. This may seem like a given, but it’s oh so true. I’m thankful to have a close-knit group of friends and family to spend time with and swap stories with. From game nights to chatting around the dinner table, I love everything about these people and am both honored and lucky to have them in my life.
  • My Bugaboo. Little Bug is my first pet and she’s just perfect. (Purrrfect?) I actually adopted her a few days after Thanksgiving last year so this Thanksgiving marks one year! I’m so grateful for all of the snuggles and games she brings into my life.
  • My hobbies. In the past two years I went from having maybe one hobby (which was my job!) to having a zillion. I’m so fortunate that I’ve found things that I love to do that I can fill my spare time with. Running, hiking, spinning/biking, cooking, crocheting, photography, writing/blogging… the list continues.
  • Darren. Darren gets his own line here because he’s seriously awesome. He’s been the most supportive and fantastic guy. He attends all of my races (yeah, even the ones where he has to occupy himself for two hours before seeing me again!) and cooks dinner on the nights that I’ll be home late. He’s all around a great cheerleader – and tied with my mom as my #1 fan.
  • Running. This is a big one. This is like combining therapy, religion, fun, exercise and health into one category. It’s running. Running has been my sanity these past two years. My outlet. My social activity! I recently joined up with my local running store to participate in Tues/Thurs/Sat runs during these cold months and it’s been so rewarding and has kept me accountable.

I want to end this post with some (exciting!) news. After running both of my half marathons, I felt a little bit…I don’t know…empty? That sounds a bit strange, but having those two goals to work towards really kept me excited and moving. When I finished my most recent half, I realized that I had nothing to work towards.

So I signed up for some races.

  • Mid Winter 10-mile Classic – 02/01/2015
  • Half at the Hamptons – 02/22/2015
  • Race the Runways Half – 04/04/2015

And then I realized something. The timing of those races fits almost perfectly with the Hal Higdon training plan for a full freaking marathon. The Sugarloaf Marathon, in fact. I actually realized this a few days ago. I printed out some calendars and worked the numbers. They fit. Not perfectly, but they fit. So I let myself stew over it for a few days. I know that it’s a huge commitment and I originally wanted to do a fall marathon. I was concerned about training in the winter – worried that I would fall off the bandwagon and not be able to fully commit. Having signed up for all of the races in between, having a gym membership, and running with a training group three times a week makes this seem like a definitely reality and real possibility.


So I signed up. Guys – I’m really doing this!!



  1. you are such an inspiration! I have enjoyed following along with your posts.

  2. You go, girl! It’s great to see you have so many thankful things. The rich family just keeps getting richer and richer! XO

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