11 10 2014.

weekend recap: i joined a gym


Guess who joined a gym? I did! And I definitely felt like a sucker at first. I always prided myself on being someone who didn’t need a gym to stay active. All we need to do is take a hard look at last winter to see how false that is. So I joined the gym. And I’ve been loving it.

When I walked in there for the first time on Friday, I felt like I had a huge sign with neon lights above my head that read, “Newbie.” I went straight for the treadmills because, well, I know how to use a treadmill. Darren showed up at the gym not even 5 minutes after I hopped on, so it was kind of fun to work out “together.” He went to spin on the bikes.

I chugged out 6 miles on that darn machine and it was hard. I figured it was a combination of:

  1. the gym being really really hot;
  2. being exhausted from the week;
  3. being used to a different kind of momentum and scenery during my runs – aka not being bored.

Regardless, I felt good about my Friday evening workout – I felt accomplished. I did like that I had more control over my pace on the treadmill and could push myself that way. I was running 8:00/miles for most of those miles and pumped it up to 7:40 for the last half mile! For dinner I had, you guessed it, a giant bowl of cottage cheese.

Saturday morning I woke up early and decided to join the Fleet Feet running group at the Marginal Way store for their 9am social run. I sat and sat and sat in the parking lot, waiting for others to show up. There were a few empty cars in the lot, and the store didn’t open until 10, so I figured the meeting point must be around the back of the building on the Bayside Trail. Lo and behold! There were probably a dozen people running sprints from pole to pole. I fell in line – slightly confused about the workout and had been expecting a distance run – and ended up following the group INTO the building. It took me a few minutes before I realized that I just crashed a Crossfit class. Oops! Out of embarrassment, I ran out of the building and just kept running.

I was hoping to run 8-10 miles with a group of people, but instead I found myself running all alone around Back Bay and it was windy. Like, nose-running, cold face, hold my hat down – windy! For lack of an actual medical term for this, my butt hurt. My right buttcheek/hip has been bothering me since mid-week. I’m not sure if it’s a pulled muscle or if I’ve just overcompensated for a muscle weakness somewhere else. Regardless, I felt like every stride of mine had a certain “swagger” or booty strut. Which is bad. It’s not how I normally run. So I resolved to stop my run after circling Back Bay and making it back to Fleet Feet. It ended up being 5 miles which was a surprise! My average pace was 8:18! Holy heck what? That was a surprise. I’m starting to wonder if all of the “cross training” (spinning 2x/week, running faster on the treadmill, abs/core work 1x/week, dining room yoga 1x/week) has been paying off. 8:18 isn’t remarkably fast for me. I can easily do a mile at that pace. But 5 windy, hilly miles? I’m proud!


When I got back to my apartment, Darren and I walked to Crooked Mile for our weekly coffee and bagel which was a much-needed source of carbs. For some ungodly reason, I decided I was going to go to the gym and try out some of the other machines. I spent nearly 45-minutes on the stationary bikes – cranking out 15 miles! Then I moved onto the elliptical for 3.1 miles (25 minutes). In hindsight, I realize that I basically exercised all day. I wasn’t planning on it, and it certainly wasn’t about “burning calories” or “fitting into jeans” – I was honestly just intrigued about the machines!

I zipped over to Whole Foods and found this gem. It’s delicious. It’s the best almond milk I’ve tried to date. Go buy some.


I sat down to a lunch of cottage cheese (I have a problem, don’t I?) snuggled on the couch with my kitty and watched the Mindy Project for like…two hours?


Soon enough it was time to head out and celebrate my friend Rachel’s birthday. An evening of hibachi! Yes, please. It was really funny – we told the chef that it was Rachel’s birthday, but he seemed to think that it was Bethany’s birthday! He lit a few things on fire and offered a piece of flaming SomethingOrOther to Bethany as a birthday gift. Either way, it was a blast. When Rachel and I were going to school in the area, we made hibachi a regular thing. Okay, maybe we went like 3 times a year tops, but it was definitely our thing. I was so happy when Rachel invited me to celebrate her birthday with her at Fuji.

Sunday came along as Sundays often do. I got up at 7:30 – I seriously don’t know how to sleep in – ready for the day to begin. Darren left to spend the day with his family and I…hit the gym. (I realize how bad this all sounds.) My intention was to run 9 miles – according to Hal Higdon’s half marathon training plan. We’re two weeks away from Half Marathon #2!

I hopped on the treadmill, started up the first episode of Serial (seriously – go listen to this!), and started my run. Not even a mile into it I realized that I was beyond hungry. I developed a cramp as well that didn’t go away for 3 more miles. It just wasn’t a great run. I had been so used to long, surprisingly wonderful Sunday runs that this negativity really threw me for a loop. I figured that since I had spent so much time working out the day before, this was my body’s way of telling me that I need a rest day. My body’s always right. I stopped after 6 miles (exactly when my podcast episode ended) – which I should be proud of, but instead feel like I “gave up” when I should have done 10 miles – and went over to the stationary bikes. I had a much better time on the bikes. I spent 30 minutes on the trainer and watched The Parent Trap. What a throwback!

I left, gobbled a Quest Bar and set out to buy my sister a birthday gift, which I did, but not without picking myself up a new shirt!


  1. 1) I have that shirt.
    2) 8:18 is REMARKABLY FAST. For me.
    3) Please tell me how you manage to do so much physical activity?! That is a LOT. Doesn’t it cut into your sitting around doing nothing time?! ;)

    • Kelsey @ Spice & Dice

      AH yes a fellow Target addict! That explains the matching shirts!

      I promise that since this past weekend, I have greatly increased both my sitting around time AND my eating time. Waiting on a bagel to finish toasting at the moment. :D

      And Thursday is WAY too far away. How are we supposed to occupy our time waiting for the next episode?!

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