12 30 2014.

2014: reflections

At the end of 2013, I wanted to be more independent and to make choices based on hope and not fear. Entering 2014, I decided to say yes to new opportunities, to try new things and do things that I was afraid to do. The result: I’m not actually afraid of nearly as much as I thought that I was. That’s in retrospect, of course – at the time, I was genuinely afraid of certain experiences on the horizon.

If I could summarize 2014 briefly, I’d say that it’s been the year of new adventures. 2014 provided so many “firsts” for me, some intentional, some not so much. In January, what started as hesitance to break out of my comfort zone soon turned into a craving to do it more often.




I signed up for and participated in my first triathlon. I wasn’t fully in it at first, but finally when my name was drawn from the lottery, I was ready. Tri #1 led to tri #2 and tri #3.

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I hiked a lot! Still not as much as I would have liked, but I got out there way more than I had the year prior. Read about Wildcat, Webster, Tom/Field/Willey, Washington, Megunticook.


I ran my first (and second!) half marathons with my mom – three weeks apart, completing my goal of coming in under 2 hours. Both races were two of the best runs I’ve ever had. I felt so great during them, I had so much energy! They’ve left a great impression on me and have been my jumping off point for more future races.

(photo copyright SheJAMS.)

(photo copyright SheJAMS.)

(photo copyright Fleet Feet Sports Maine Running.)

I’ve met some incredible people this year. I joined two fantastic training groups: SheJAMS and Fleet Feet. SheJAMS has a special place in my heart – I trained three – sometimes four days a week with these ladies for “the event of the year” – the Tri for a Cure. I got to know some of them well and love them all so much. These women are inspiring and have pushed me to work hard. I joined up with the Fleet Feet running group back in October and I’m so so glad that I did. These runners are amazing! They’re all so different and interesting to learn about. I’ve enjoyed pairing up with runners and hearing their stories. Some challenge me to run father and faster. Others help me practice restraint, especially when tapering! I’ve made some great new friends at this group as well and will be running some races with them in the future!



For the second year in a row, my friends and I attended the Allagash Victoria Ale release party at the Victoria Mansion. And again, we were the last to leave! This has become a regular event for us now. I love getting to sit on the lawn of the mansion and listen to the live bands. It’s a great opportunity to spend time under the sun and socialize. It’s also an occasion to dress up – which I’ll happily take!



I experienced my first tailgate! This was a blast. There was so much excitement. Though I wish I could have stuck around for the game, I’m thrilled that I got to spend time with my family and family friends outside on a beautiful day. It’s always funny to see adults pregame. Also – my dad is the grillmaster!



Darren and I moved in together. This was a big step but also a good step. It’s been great. We’ve got so much living space – and that’s been perfect for Little Bug too! The apartment is beautiful and we’ve had so much fun decorating it and really making it ours. We’re now experts at hosting parties and get togethers with friends!


I ran 100 miles in 1 month. This was actually by accident. I didn’t realize that I had run 100 miles until I went for a run on my birthday, logged my miles, and saw the September tally at 101.98! 100 miles in a month is certainly a first for me and worth remembering.

Spice & Dice was born! Finally, after years of failed blogs, I created Spice & Dice. This blog first existed in a notebook. I actually planned this out – the concept, the name, the content for a month or two before committing to a domain and creating this space. I’m so glad that I did. Reflecting on my races, hikes, recipes and life has been monumental for me. Life-changing.

Cheers to 2015!

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  1. I love the changes you’ve made to your blog-great job!

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