01 06 2015.

2015: happy new year!


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! This has been such a busy time for me – baking and prepping gifts. My Christmas lasted through the new year with another family party!

I always get so excited at the thought of starting another year. Though there’s not much of anything about last year that I plan to leave behind as we delve into 2015, there’s a lot happening in 2015 that I hope to accomplish.

In my previous post reflecting on 2014, I named it the year of new adventures. Over the next few days, I’m aiming to figure out a single word that will represent 2015. It’s not an easy task to find an all-encompassing word that is both generic and specific. So far I’m loving the words reach and discover.

I also wanted to sort out some marathon goals of mine. I’m setting these goals before my training starts, that way I can aim to train for these goals. (Training starts a week from today!) I have three levels of goals and I categorize them as such:

Goal 1 is what I believe to be attainable based on my current fitness/ability level. It’s a goal that doesn’t require aiming high for, though I could still fall short! (I consider goal 1 to be kind of a backup goal. It’s the one that I’ll most likely hit if I fail to achieve the other two.)

Goal 2 is the next step up on the challenge scale. A bit more tough but still realistic.

Goal 3 is my pipe dream. I’d have to work really really hard to achieve this. All of the stars would have to be aligned, my nutrition would need to be on point and I’d have to be feeling super stellar that day to achieve this goal. That being said, if I did ever achieve it, I’d probably cry a lake of happy tears.


Goal 1:
A sub-4:00 marathon. I believe that I can run a sub-4:00 marathon based on my half marathon PR of 1:54. I’d have to maintain a constant 9:09 min. pace the entire time which I believe to be doable.

Goal 2:
A 3:48 marathon. This time is essentially my half PR time x2. While I’m very much aware that a marathon is a completely different ball game than “two half marathons back-to-back,” I think that this goal is appropriate for a more challenging goal.

Goal 3:
Qualify for Boston. 3:35. Yeah that’s a stretch. That’s roughly an 8:12 pace for 26.2 miles, over a minute faster per mile than my goal 1. It’s a huge goal, it’s my “aim for the stars” goal. The chances of me qualifying for Boston are slim. Not impossible, but slim. I’d love to qualify. I can think of no other greater (fitness-related) goal in my life than this. I put this on here simply because I can’t get the idea out of my head and I don’t want to exclude it out of fear of failing.

If all else fails, I just want to finish. Finishing my first marathon, even if over 4:00 will be something I’ll never ever forget.

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