01 30 2015.

and january is done

Oh my goodness is it Friday already? This past week has flown by. Heck, this past month has flown by. I realize I haven’t blogged in a while – a healthy combination of being sick, being busy, and of course, being lazy. So here’s what happening.


Snow. Snowsnowsnowsnow. All of the snow. I take back my confidence in winter running. There is a point where it’s just too much. 28 inches too much! We had a lovely visit our first blizzard of 2015, Juno, on Tuesday, and now we’re getting more snow today.

The Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler is this weekend! It’s snuck up, really. It seems like just yesterday (November 24th, in fact) that I was setting my alarm ten minutes early so that I could grab a spot in the race. At the time I wasn’t even registered for Sugarloaf. Speaking of snow, there’s a very real possibility of the Mid-Winter Classic race (this weekend) being canceled. All athletes received an email yesterday – in lieu of the athlete packet – telling us to stand by. We’ll hear the final verdict today. Technically, I only need 6 miles this weekend, but I’ve kind of thrown the Novice 2 plan out the window. Why?

I’ve got a myself coach! I’ll definitely write more on this later – but the short of it is that I’ve decided to hire a coach to help me train for Sugarloaf. We start Feb. 1 and Kelsey’s going to come up with a whole new training plan tuned specifically to me, my strengths, my weaknesses and my schedule. I’m so excited about this…I can’t wait to start!

Runger. Oh goodness is it real! I’ve been so hungry lately. I’ve stocked up on bananas for the office so that I don’t go for the Funyuns – or whatever stale monstrosity has been sitting on the “to share” table.

Check back on Sunday for another update – or two!

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