02 09 2015.

marathon monday: snow snow snow

Spice & Dice - marathon monday: snow snow snow

It’s now week 5 of marathon training! (Although I would almost argue that it’s week 2 – since I started with my coach at the beginning of February.)

How is everyone dealing with the snow currently being dumped on the Northeast once again? Snowfall has been on my mind a lot, especially now that a lot of my runs have pace and/or speed work involved. It’s been a stressful few weeks! Shovel. Work. Shovel. Work. Repeat.

Let’s recap some highlights of the week, shall we?

First off, recovery. After the Mid Winter Classic, my primary job was to recover. To allow my body to ease back into a normal training schedule. I’m don’t normally get sore after races or long runs. I’m not sure why that is. I even have a history of being very bad at stretching/rolling/taking care of myself after a big mileage day.

However I raced this event. I was a little bit sore in certain places. I felt it mostly when I sat down, actually. I gave it a day or two and it went away completely. Thank you body. Thank you.

Next I want to address a topic that has been on my mind lately. A few months ago (maybe almost a year ago?) K1 wrote this awesome blog post about being all in. I remember sitting in my car before work and reading through the email that contained that post. It really spoke to me. It still speaks to me. A huge part about training has been about the dedication to myself and the sport and being, at all times, All-freakin’-In. That’s a great feeling! Between the Santa Hustle Half and the Mid Winter Classic, winter running had been a series of waiting and playing it safe.

I don’t really like the gym. I much prefer being outside for my workouts – but sometimes snow brings the Possible Amount of Misery (PAM) experienced outside above the Definite Amount of Misery (DAM) experienced at the gym. Joking aside, a fell into a sort of lull for those few months. Running wasn’t bringing me the same sparkle it once had – and I’m sure the treadmill and snowmassacre had a great deal to do with it. Almost immediately after the Mid Winter Classic, that love of running that I had been missing – it was suddenly there. And really alive!

That love reminded me about being All In; what it means and what it requires. I feel like you can be All In in spirit but also in the moment. You can mentally commit yourself to something – to promise to give 100%, but it’s nearly impossible to give 100% – 100% of the time. There’s just not that much to give. So there’s a disconnect between what you want to do and what you actually do. I find that with running, you have to learn when to be All In physically and when you need to be All In mentally. Either way – I love the discussion the blog post created in my head.

I’m learning that running at a slower pace doesn’t mean that I’m not working hard or trying. Running at a slower pace isn’t going to make me slower or ruin my speed conditioning. That walking every now and then isn’t a crime! (I always used to think that there was so much shame in walking in the middle of a run, even for a few moments.) Not every training run is a race.

And that’s okay – because I can still be All In while walking or doing an easy run or a recovery run. I’m not any less committed to my goals if I’m not constantly banging out PRs.

Spice & Dice - marathon monday: snow snow snow

In other news. I ran my first long run since the Mid Winter Classic yesterday! I got really lucky because we were supposed to get nonstop snow from Saturday night until Tuesday morning. Luckily, it had only snowed ~1 inch Saturday night and held off for most of Sunday morning. I was able to get out there and fit my run in before the conditions got worse!

It wasn’t the greatest of runs – it had its lows (strong opposing winds, freezing face mask, deep snow in areas) but it also had its highs. There was a duathlon going on around Back Cove that looked like fun. I seemed to arrive there as the event was winding down because those who I passed were walking their bikes, joking around with each other. They didn’t seem to care too much about the competitive aspect of the race – and instead were there to have fun. A few of them high-fived me – that really brightened up the run and kept me motivated. To pay it forward, I gave some encouraging words to the remaining athletes that I passed. There was an awesome father-son team dressed in costume! The father was Link and I’m not entirely sure who his kid was dressed as, but they were creative costumes!

Alright – that’s probably enough rambling for a Monday. (Although I’m of the opinion that Mondays are the second-best day of the week – behind Thursdays.)

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