02 12 2015.

review: mizuno breath thermo layered tight

Do you ever play favorites when it comes to your workout clothing? I do, that’s for sure. The more I run, the more I realize that I favor a few pieces of clothing over the rest. (Confession: I probably haven’t even worn half of my activewear in over a year. Time to donate?)

I even have a pair of cold weather leggings that I fold more delicately than the rest. I love these leggings. They were my half marathon gift to myself. Today I want to talk a bit about the Mizuno Breath Thermo Layered Tight.

Spice & Dice - review: mizuno breath thermo layered tight
(Photo from Mizuno.)

Before I purchased these, I thought it was pretty normal for my running leggings to slowly ride down. No matter how tight or well they fit, if I wasn’t sweating, I’d have to yank the waistline back up every few minutes. I’d even wear my Flipbelt for no other reason than to keep my pants up!

One day back in November, a Mizuno representative visited my local running store and talked a bit about the new Wave Rider 18s and also discussed the thermo technology apparent in some of their cold weather running tops and the tights. I was intrigued to say the least.

Spice & Dice - review: mizuno breath thermo layered tight

These babies aren’t cheap: they’ll run you $70. I felt nauseous dishing out that kind of money on a single pair of bottoms. Until that moment, all of my running apparel and shoes had come from discount clothing shops like TJ Maxx. Spending over $15 for a pair of bottoms was unheard of.

Spice & Dice - review: mizuno breath thermo layered tightBut now I am in love with these tights.

They are so far above and beyond any other running bottoms that I own. They are worth every penny. I do my laundry specifically so that I can wear these again.

They do run a bit small – I had to go up a size, but the fit is immaculate and they are so comfortable. There is a drawstring in the front of the waistband that you can pull to tighten. I find that, even without tying it, it doesn’t really loosen – as long as I pull it taut enough.

They don’t cut into your waist. The waistband is nice and thick and it’s seamless in that area, so when you take the tights off, there aren’t any elastic lines on your skin. I always look to that as a sign that they fit well!

They don’t fall down. Not even a little bit. Once they’re on, they’re on.

They’re warm. This is a big one. They are made out of a fiber that generates heat when it comes in contact with moisture – such as sweat. This is perfect for cold weather running – it’s awful when your swear freezes or stays close to your body and chills you for your whole run. The fiber in these pants heats up that moisture!

They have ankle zippers. These have saved me a few times. I showed up to a group run wearing wool socks under the tights because I had forgotten proper running socks. Luckily, at the last minute, I was able to get a replacement pair of socks. Instead of having to remove my tights, I just unzipped the ankles, removed the tall wool socks, and put my new socks on! No dressing room required.

The length fits me perfectly – but I wouldn’t recommend for anyone who needs a “tall” size normally. They cut off around my ankles. I can imagine that anyone with longer legs would run into a bare ankle problem.

There is a pocket in the waistband. It fits a key (or two) perfectly. Gravity and the fit of the band around your waist keeps anything from falling out. I wouldn’t put anything too heavy in there – it may affect the fit. But the pocket it perfect for small things like keys, workout notes or some cash!

They’ve made it through the washer and dryer 4-5 times now and have no signs of wear and tear. They didn’t shrink in the dryer either!

I’m so excited about these – I had to share my thoughts with everyone. If you’re looking for some warm running tights for your winter running (it looks like more snow is on the way here in the northeast!) that fit and are comfortable: go get you some!

This post is not sponsored. I was not paid to write this review, nor was I provided with the product free of charge. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Great review! I bought my Mizunos last year and wore them for just about every run December through early Apri. It was one of our coldest winters in a while here in Maine. Many subzero runs without any fear of cold legs!

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