02 01 2015.

today, february 1st

Today is February 1. Today marks 106 days out from the Sugarloaf Marathon. It marks the 20th consecutive day of following my training regimen. Today I’m stronger than I’ve ever been – but also not nearly as strong as I will be. Why is that?

Because today, February 1, 2015 is really the first day of a different kind of journey. I’m leaving behind the one-size-fits-all training program that the very generous Mr. Higdon worked up. Instead, I’m entering these next four months with a coach!

I’ve known for a very long time that I’ve got high expectations. Reasonable? To some extent. But they’re goals I’m not sure that I can achieve on my own. I believe that I can, but believing and actually doing are two majorly different things. I have the right mindset – I just need someone who can provide me with the tools to accomplish those goals.

That’s where Kelsey – otherwise known as K1 – comes in. K1 has been my spin coach (and at one point, my swim coach) since those good ol’ tri training days. I’m psyched that I get to work with her. For those who don’t know her – you should check out her website and participate in her #inconspicuousawesomeness social media challenge!

I have no idea what I’m in store for – but I have no doubt that I’m going to come out of this a much better athlete, humbled to the core, inspired, and – hopefully – a marathoner!

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