03 09 2015.

check-in: life + training update week 9

It’s been forever and a day since I talked about my Sugarloaf training and just general life updates. So let’s jump right in!

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loving – daylight savings! I’d take dark mornings in exchange for light evenings any and every day of the year. While it’s unarguably easier to wake up to a warm, sun-filled apartment – I’m not a fan of leaving work in the dark, let alone running in the dark! I did catch a beautiful sunrise this morning, though, which I would have missed prior to the time change. Is it too soon to say that spring is here?


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readingThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. I just started it so I have very little to say so far. But, I’ve seen this book everywhere. Friends and other bloggers seem to all have read this book and say that it is, truly, life changing. One of the things that I’d like to accomplish this year is to get rid of a lot of the clutter in my apartment – unneeded things. I’m hoping that Kondo’s book will provide me with not only the motivation, but also the method to do this right. On queue: Dan Barber’s The Third Plate. I can’t wait to read this one. Em recommended this one and I trust her opinion completely. (She was the one who urged me to read Born to Run and Eat and Run – two of my favorite books!)


eating – everything in sight? I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting lately. I got myself a cast iron pan and made a really delicious frittata topped with smoked paprika! I’ve also been using the Spiralizer a lot more lately. Despite those two really awesome inventions, my diet is still mostly bananas and oatmeal.

learning – about food blogging! I took a food blogging class on Saturday and it was phenomenal! It was taught by Susan and Ted, two established chefs/photographers/bloggers from Spoon and Shutter. I had a great time. We talked a lot about recipe creation and appropriation, blogging ethics and, of course, photography! Susan baked up a delicious looking (and smelling!) rice pudding and we were given the opportunity to photograph the process for practice. Ted took photos as well, so we were able to watch his process. I’ve got some plans for Spice & Dice as well as another project involving food, so stay tuned!


recovering – from a really, really long run. Sunday morning I ran 15 miles! I’m getting to the point in my training where every mile beyond 13.1 is a new “longest run” for me! And that’s exciting. It’s not without a bit of pain, though. Running on snow and ice is actually pretty tough. It takes a toll on my knees (shorter, more cautious strides) and feet. When I returned from that run, I felt an odd sensation on my left foot. I removed my sock to find that I broke a toenail – right in half! It’s not as gross as it sounds, it doesn’t actually look bad at all. It just hurts a bit. It’ll probably bruise – but I can’t help but feel a little proud of my broken toenail. Does this mean I’m a real runner now? Was that my initiation?

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I wanted so badly to wear my running tights to work because my legs are stiff. Tights aren’t exactly work appropriate, especially since a client is coming to visit today – so I compromised. I traded my comfy pants in for compression socks. No one will know! (Except you.)

loving – a CLEAN FRIDGE! After my run yesterday, Darren and I did a deep clean of the kitchen. Mostly the fridge. This involved removing everything from it, scrubbing the shelves, and tossing lots of old food. I had a berry mishap (I’m not even kidding when I say this) two months ago where a huge bag of frozen berries spilled all throughout the freezer and into the fridge. We had been finding berries stuck to the bottom of some of our fridge items for a while. Finally, on Sunday I decided it was time to…actually clean up the berries. Please don’t judge me on my half shelf dedicated to butter. The fridge was so messy that I had two whole boxes of butter unopened in the back and didn’t realize it, and I don’t like the taste of butter, so unless I’m baking, we rarely use it.


listening – to This American Life’s No Place Like Home. Last year, my boss helped Portland establish the slogan Portland, Maine. Yes. Life’s good here. He shared with us a presentation about town/city slogans. One of the things that he mentioned was that many many many MANY places use the “Hello” song – altered slightly – for their slogans. This episode of TAM brings that up right in the beginning! I love when little details like that come full circle.



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