03 20 2015.

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Gratitude - Send Cards

As I’ve mentioned before, Fridays are my rest days. Every morning, I look at my calendar to see what I have in store for the day. I’ve done hill climbs, speed work, endurance runs, and yassos – yet no daily task varies as much as Friday tasks do.

And for this reason, I love them. I opened up TrainingPeaks this morning to review my rest day assignment.

GRATITUDE! Send (or at least write) thank you notes to at least three people.

Kelsey Abbott, Find Your Awesome

I have a lot to be grateful for. I consider myself to be a lucky person, graced with many fantastic, inspiring, and selfless people in my life. Though I wasn’t immediately certain of who I was going to write to, I knew that I’d have no shortage of words.

The thing is, I was actually nervous to write. Writing thank you notes in such an out of the blue fashion seemed really awkward. I wasn’t sure how to start them. I considered starting with a disclaimer – hey I’m supposed to be writing thank-you notes to people so here goes – but that felt like I was undermining my gratitude and seemed entirely less authentic.

After sideways glancing at my stack of cards all day, I finally just said eff it and wrote. I decided to write on a piece of scrap paper first, rather than in the card itself – not convinced yet that my words would be worth sending. And I love everything that I had to say. It was completely honest and I set my reservations aside very quickly.

I wrote out four cards to four very special people. People who I am so very thankful to know and love; people who don’t often get to hear my thank yous because they’ve become (unfortunately) silently understood. Having written out the words – words that I will be sending – I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to say those things.

For the privacy of the recipients, I’m not going to share what I wrote here, but I want to strongly encourage others to thank the people around them. For doing absolutely nothing – and everything. It’s empowering and actually somewhat relieving to finally say things that needed to be said.

And send ’em snail mail style. Mail is exciting. You can hold it. It is precious, like the words you wrote.

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