Last year I ran the Cape Elizabeth Mid Winter Classic for the first time and surprised myself by coming in almost a minute under my “reach” goal time. It was quite a race – and I look back on it with really fond memories because it was the first time that I gave a race my all from the moment that I started until the moment I crossed the finish line. Of course I remember the race being difficult (with quite a few hills – two of which are within the last mile and a half) but what I took away from it was how much I surprised myself.

This year, things were a little bit different. For almost a month, I had been “out of the game” due to a respiratory illness, so I hadn’t run more than 3.5 miles since early January. I had no goal pace in mind, I just wanted to have fun. In fact, I needed to have fun.


hiking: mt. waumbek

02 03 2016.


Over the weekend, Darren, Jess, PD and I decided to accomplish our first hike of 2016. Save for Darren – who had done a few snow-filled hikes in the Whites a few years prior, this would be our first winter hike.

We had been eyeing Sunday the 31st for a week at that point, since the weather was due to be pretty warm. Sure enough, as the day approached, we were in luck – 45 degree base temperatures were expected.



Last year for my birthday, Darren and I did something a little bit different than we usually do. Instead of booking a hotel room somewhere, we decided to go camping and hiking in the White Mountains. Darren bought me a beautiful lightweight tent as a gift – since I had been rambling on for a while about wanting a tent that we could carry with us in our packs for multi-day hikes.



Darren and I hiked Carter Dome three days after returning from Iceland. Still riding the excitement from the Fimmvörðuháls Pass hike and Glymur, we really wanted to get another hike in as soon as possible.