For our first full day in Iceland, we decided to tour The Golden Circle. For those unfamiliar, The Golden Circle is a 300-kilometer loop around South Iceland that hits a few scenic locations – all most definitely worth seeing!

You can either choose to do the loop on your own or you can go by bus. The bus tends to take a bit longer, depending on how long you decide to stay at each location. We drove it, spent more time at each spot and took hundreds of photos – extending our Golden Circle day by a few hours.


Our three-peak (two 4,000-footer) hiking adventure began quite early in the morning. Darren and I left Portland around 6am, hoping to reach the trailhead around 8:30-9:00. After a bit of confusion (the highway in Franconia had a series of detours that really confused us and our lack of phone GPS connection), we reached the trailhead closer to 9:00.

The trailhead was well-equipped with a bathroom right near the parking lot. (Though beware – it smelled awful.) We checked and rechecked our bags and set out.




Let’s talk about the Beach to Beacon, shall we?

Back in March, I was one of those lucky thousands who managed to click and type away fast enough in order to secure a race spot. For many, the Beach to Beacon is the event of the summer – they train hard (and fast!) to be able to perform their best with the best. People anxiously await the event, meeting the elite athletes, and of course running along a beautiful stretch of road in Cape Elizabeth. For me, it was definitely a healthy combination of the three.